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Resources for Seed Starters

Happy spring, folks! Things are popping out all over in the garden, and I’m delighted to see them, but my main focus right now is still on sowing seeds. Based on the number of orders — and questions — I’ve been getting, it’s an ongoing project for many of you too. So instead of doing Bloom Day this month, I’ve been working on a series of pages related to the seed-sowing process here at Hayefield.

Rather than trying to write another book covering basic seed-starting techniques (I already did that in Taylor’s Weekend Garden Guide: Easy Plant Propagation), I’ll explain how I currently approach things here at Hayefield, based on my 30+ years of experience sowing seeds. Each person’s specific situation will be different, of course, because we all have different supplies and settings to work with, but I’m hoping you may find some of my ideas useful and can adapt them to your own sowing and growing process. I also will address some of the questions that have come up from my seed customers over the years. If any of you have seed-related topics you’d like me address, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to answer them if I can.

Here’s a link to the main resources page: Hayefield Seed-Starters’ Library. I still have many things to add over the next weeks and months, but I welcome you to check it out, whether you too are a serious seed geek or just curious about how the whole starting-from-seed thing works.

I’ll see you all on May 15 for the next Bloom Day, I hope!

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1 thought on “Resources for Seed Starters

  1. Thank you for the seed starting resources! The variegated cinnamon vines are doing great, by the way.

    I appreciate the update, Rhonda. May they continue to grow well for you!

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