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'Indian Berries' Popcorn (Zea mays)

Hi folks! I wanted to post an update for those of you who are used to me posting my seed-giveaway list around this time of year. The overall dreary and rainy growing season here delayed the ripening of many seeds, and I’m way behind in getting them cleaned and organized, so I figure I will tackle the giveaway in early to mid-January instead. That should please those of you who have said it’s inconvenient to think about seeds as the holidays approach.

My plan is to link the giveaway with my Etsy shop; it will, however, include some special things I’m not selling there. So for now, I’ll wish you all a joyful holiday season and look forward to posting the seeds here on January 15. If you feel the need for seeds in the meantime, I welcome you to check out my Etsy shop. Take care, everyone!


14 Comments on “About the Seeds

  1. Thank you for your generosity. I love the way you garden.

    You’re so kind, Judith; thank *you*.

  2. Thanks so much! I had great luck with the seeds you shared with me last year.

    That makes me VERY happy, Joy!

  3. I just found you on Instagram and have been really enjoying following your photos there! Patty in Seattle

    Great to hear from you, Patty. I’ve been having a terrific time on Instagram. There are so many interesting things to see!

  4. That was exactly how my Spring was here…slow to start…and I was even slower…I have to do better this coming year…what kind of gardening year do you have when you don’t even have zucchini !?…lol…

    Holidays are already on the way also….hope yours are wonderful !

    Too much rain here, too little rain out west, too cold one place, too hot in another. It’s been a rough year overall. And yet, we keep trying. Hooray for the persistence of gardeners!

  5. Thanks for the seed update. Happy holidays to you, too. Best, Jan

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    Jan Wirth Merriwhether Farm

    Thank you, Jan!

  6. Thanks for the info on the seeds and I am so happy you are on Instagram too. Happy Holidays!

    I appreciate that, Dee. Back at you!

  7. Thanks for the update! I kinda feel like seed giveaway rates its own holiday. ;)

    Hey, I like that idea! By the time I get these all cleaned, packed, and listed, I may need a holiday myself.

  8. Thanks, Nan. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, too. Barbara, Victoria, BC.

    Thanks for that, Barbara.

  9. Nan, thanks for the update. This year I think I will pass on the free seed giveaway and order directly from your Etsy page. I enjoy your photos so much; they really make my day!

    Thank you, Mary! And you may want to still check out the giveaway list; I will have things on there that are not for sale in my shop.

  10. Nan, I do enjoy reading your blog posts. What is the name of your Etsy shop? I haven’t explored Etsy yet, but it sounds very popular.

    Hi Nan! My shop is also called Hayefield; you can find it here: Hayefield on Etsy.

  11. I look forward to seeing your seed list! I didn’t want to risk missing out on anything, so I ordered some seed from your Etsy shop today. I was surprised to see that they are already on their way!! Thanks so much!

    Hi Debbie! I’m glad you ordered early; some seeds are selling out as fast as I can get them cleaned and listed. I do try to get orders out the same day, whenever possible. With luck, you should have your seeds on Monday.

  12. Once again your generous spirit is obvious in your correspondence to others. It is a joy to even know you are out there spreading your good cheer. I look forward to your give a way list of seeds, it is an education in itself. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

    Hi Joan! I really appreciate your message; thank you. It’s wonderful how tiny seeds can bring so much joy in the giving and receiving. Happy holidays to you too!

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