From My Garden to Yours 2017

Blackberry lily (Iris domestica [Belamcanda chinensis]) [Nancy J. Ondra/]

[Edit: Please note that this offer is now closed]

It’s finally here: my yearly seed-sharing spree. This is my biggest list ever, with over 240 offerings that I’ve collected from plants growing here at Hayefield. I’m not asking for anything in payment or trade for these, except for postage; it’s just a little thank-you for those of you who take the time to visit and read throughout the year.

I’ve included something for pretty much everyone, I think—annuals, perennials, vines, woodies (shrubs and trees), herbs, edibles, and lots of natives—and have given very basic descriptions for each offering. I encourage you to use your favorite search engine to find more information and photos for the plants you’re considering.

Because my 2017 list is so long (12 pages), I’m not posting it here. You can download a PDF, RTF, or Word version from my OneDrive: Hayefield Seed List 2017. Whichever version you choose, all of the details you need to know about placing your requests are in the file with the list of seeds.

This offer is open to Hayefield readers starting today (November 15, 2017). My intention is to keep it open for one week, through November 22, 2017, but if I get overwhelmed with requests, I might need to close the offer early, so I encourage you to get your order in as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to leave a note below or to email me directly (nan at hayefield dot com) if you have any problems accessing the lists. Have fun, my seed-loving friends!

30 Comments on “From My Garden to Yours 2017

  1. You are a doll for doing this!

    I have so much fun doing this; it’s truly the highlight of the gardening season for me!

  2. Nan, I can’t tell you how excited I am !! Got my wish list together already and already envisioning them in my garden…WooHoo!..Okay, okay calm down…gotta finish up…lol..
    Top O The Morning To You !

    Got your list, Sherry; thanks!

  3. Wow, what a nice gift. Do you ship to Canada ?

    Hi Susan. I sent you an email.

  4. Thanks so much. I love having a piece of your magical garden here in Virginia! Your generosity and creativity are inspirational. :)

    Always happy to share the garden love, Gabriella!

  5. These lists, and your gifts of these seeds, are just amazing. I learn so much from all your posts, and especially the seed lists. The names of so many plants are hard to find, and only you offer long-sought information. Many thanks!

    There would be no point to all this without wonderful readers like you, Marcia. My very best to you and your garden.

  6. This is so generous of you…I have so many new and interesting (reseeding) plants in my garden that came from your garden!…here in overly warm South Carolina, I just sowed poppies for the spring….courtesy of you…Thank You, Nan!

    Hi Barb! I’m imagining your poppy-filled garden, and it’s brightening an already beautiful day. Thanks!

  7. You are Mother Nature herself! I will look over the list and make my selection later today. The heavy frost last night killed my last remaining arugula, so I will look forward to next year’s garden–and your continued posts!

    Good to hear from you! You’re lucky your arugula made it through that brutal arctic spell we had last week. At least dandelions are still providing fresh greens. I look forward to seeing what, if anything, you find tempting on this year’s seed list.

  8. Hi Nan, Please send me a file. Thank you.

    I sent it along, Jean; let me know if you don’t get it.

  9. Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing your knowledge, gardens and beauty.

    That’s what gardening is all about, isn’t it? I find gardeners to be a very special bunch of people.

  10. Wow! I’m so excited!! You know that I love your blog and thank you so much for this gift of seeds from your wonderful garden!! I actually keep most of your posts to read again and again! 💗
    PDF please. Karen

    Thanks, Karen! I sent you the list.

  11. So happy!!! Thanks Nan for all you do!

    You’re so welcome, Julie. I always look forward to this special event.

  12. Love your posts, would love to have seeds. Would be an honor.

    Hi there, Jan. I look forward to seeing what you find on the list. If you have any problem accessing the file, let me know.

  13. Hi Nan! Happy November! What a wealth of horticultural riches. Thanks so much for all you do. Barbara, Victoria, BC

    It is indeed a bountiful harvest season. Have a good one, Barbara!

  14. Thanks, Nan! You are so generous – and talented! :)

    Well, persistent, at least. I gave the deer, birds, and squirrels a run for their money this year, trying to get the seeds before they did!

  15. Oh my it would take me a week to just get through your amazing list. I am so curious about what is on it.

    Hi Sophia! If you have any trouble with accessing or opening the list file, let me know. Enjoy!

  16. I must come back later. I do not normally look for MORE seeds, but that picture really got my attention.

    Oh, surely you could find room for a few more, Tony? They’re very small, and most of them are well behaved!

  17. Hi Nan,
    you truly compiled a list of true treasures! I already mailed you. The Zinnia “Red Spider” and the Rudbeckia maxima I got from you several years back continued to bring me much joy this season. I always wonder how many flower stalks R. maxima will produce as it keeps growing slowly but steadily from year to year. Love it!
    Best regards

    That’s wonderful news, Britta, thank you!

  18. Hello, I’d love a pdf sent to my email. Thank you so much!

    It should be in your email now, Susan.

  19. Nan,
    Thanks so much for this generous offer.
    Since my birthday is on the 18th, I will consider this a wonderful birthday gift from a fellow gardener. Thanks! Email sent…
    Garden Hugs,

    Happiest of birthdays to you, my fellow gardener. I’m delighted that this ended up being a timely treat for you! I sent you an email to confirm your requests; only the first thing on your list came through.

  20. Nan, thank you for sharing your seeds with us. You are so amazing, I was looking at your file and you have so many interesting plants (BTW, I have platycodon grandisflorus too in my garden, love love them). You are getting us all very excited. Thank you again for doing this.

    It’s absolutely my pleasure, Sara. Yes, the balloon flowers are so nice in flower, and in fall color as well. I sent an email to confirm receipt of your request list.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing your seeds! Every year I find something I just have to add to my garden. Some of my favorite little surprise babies are reseeds from seeds I’ve gotten from you. My garden is a brighter place thanks to you!

    That’s so kind of you to say, Shannon! I did get your list and sent you an email with the SASE info.

  22. PDF please?

    It should be in your email inbox now, Paula.

  23. You’ve really outdone yourself this year and it sounds like you’re still having fun doing it! So many exciting things on the list, but I’m going to hold strong and not add anymore seeds onto the to-plant list… but don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling out a mid-winter visit to your Etsy shop once things get boring around here!
    Several plants around here began as Hayefield giveaway seeds. It really is a fun process.

    Good to hear from you, Frank. I do plan to list more seeds on Etsy once I fill these requests. And yes, it is so cool to hear from readers who have had good luck with giveaway seeds, particularly when the plants I collected from came from seeds that another gardener shared with me.

  24. Nan, I may be too late for the seeds I most long for… but that couldn’t be the reason my mailer keeps returning my email to you at (“Unable to deliver”). Has anyone else had this problem? As I said in that email and will say again, your kindness in making these seeds available to us matches the kindness and beauty of your posts. Thank you.

    Hi Judith! I’m so sorry about the email problem. I don’t know why that would happen. Only a few of the seeds are all spoken for (Geranium wlassovianum, Clematis texensis, and Nicotiana ‘Ondra’s Green Mix’ are some that come to mind). There are many, many seeds still available. Feel free to leave me your list in a comment and I’ll grab it from there without making it public.

  25. Nan—facepalm here… I dropped the “e” from hayefield. When I added it to the re-send, ta-da, all fixed!

    Got it! That’s happened before, trust me.

  26. Seeds just arrived at my house! Thank you so much, Nan!

    I appreciate you letting me know that they arrived, Kris. Have fun!

  27. Got my Seeds !!! Nan, thank you so very much for doing this, it really does mean a whole lot to me….

    Yay! I will update my chart. I hope you get lots of new plants to enjoy!

  28. Nan…on a serious note, I do want you to realize that just one person doing what you do, does make our world a much better place…and this at a time when we all sorely need that. Gardeners are giving people……

    Thank you for that, Sherry. It does seem like a little thing, but, you know, random acts of kindness and all that….

  29. Hi Nan,
    I wanted to let you know that I received your seeds in the mail. They were wrapped so nicely in their little packets, too. Great job!
    Thank you so very much for the beauty that I will soon see growing. I really appreciate your generosity!
    Your Garden Friend,

    Thanks for taking the time to check in, Renée. I hope you get lots of new plants!

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