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Hayefield Highlights

Hayefield Highlights Notecards

I know I’m off my usual posting schedule, but with my yearly seed extravaganza already planned for next week, I just couldn’t wait  until the end of the month to announce the completion of my most recent project: Hayefield notecards. My friend and reader John Drexel of Prism Color Corporation gets the credit for both the idea and the printing; my main challenge was trying to decide which images to include.

I’m thrilled with what we ended up with: Hayefield Highlights, a set of a dozen professionally printed color notecards featuring 12 different images from my archives: some flower and foliage close-ups, some combinations, and some seasonal garden shots. These 5” x 7” cards are printed on heavy, white, FSC-certified paper. (“FSC” stands for the Forest Stewardship Council U.S., an organization that sets standards for sustainable timber harvesting from responsibly managed forests.)

The set of 12 cards includes matching envelopes and is packed in a white box with a clear cover. The price per set is $24 plus shipping . If you’d like to order, please visit the Hayefield shop on Etsy. Thanks!

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Hayefield Highlights

  1. Congratulations, Nan! Hope they sell well – your photography is always wonderful.

    Are you OK with my putting in a notice about the cards in our next HPS Upcoming Events email under the section about HPS members? Not sure when out next email will go out to members, but I think people might be interested in knowing about the note cards, esp as the holidays approach.

    Good luck!


    That would be terrific, Barbara; thank you so much! I always enjoy getting the HPS/MAG emails, because there’s so much newsy stuff in there.

  2. They look gorgeous! For a minute, I thought it was a new book. These look frame worthy.

    Thanks, Layanee! No new book yet; that’s for March. Mom said the same thing about possibly framing the cards. I hoped she’d actually use them, but maybe that’s what she’s planning to do with her set!

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