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The Garden Cleanup Conundrum

Courtyard garden at Hayefield Aug 26 09

With all of the recent activity at Gardening Gone Wild, you folks are probably getting tired of hearing from me. But in case you’re interested, I have a guest post over at Inside Storey: The Garden Cleanup Conundrum.

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “The Garden Cleanup Conundrum

  1. Nan .. I may not visit as much as I would like to .. but I never get tired of reading what you have to say girl ! : )

    Aw, thanks, Joy! Kind of you to leave a comment over at the post too.

  2. Such a wonderful post, Nan! Your garden is so full of fall and winter interest, it is an inspiration. It seems that word always comes to mind after reading your stories! Currently, we are leaving as much as possible until late winter, but cut a few things, like garlic chives to keep from being overrun with them.

    Oh no, not garlic chives! That was one of my big mistakes early on here. Even though I had plenty of warning about not letting it reseed, I didn’t listen. When I think of the adage “One year’s seeding means seven years’ weeding,” I see (and smell) garlic chives.

  3. Nan~This photo is so quintessentially “you” and really what I strive to achieve one tenth of in my garden. What are the black cones, Rudbeckia maxima or R. occidentalis ‘Green Wizard’ or ??? I resisted the temptation to remove my blackened ‘White Swan’ coneflowers, and have finches for the first time! Yippee!

    Thanks so much! The black cones are the seedheads of Rudbeckia maxima. I tried several times to grow ‘Green Wizard’ and never had any luck – grrr.

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