A Wonder of a Berry

Wonderberry in fruit salad Aug 10 09

A link to a guest post I wrote about sunberry, also known as wonderberry or garden huckleberry, for Meadowwood Garden: A Wonder of a Berry.

3 Comments on “A Wonder of a Berry

  1. These look plumb yummmy.

    They do look very pretty with the other fruits, don’t they? It took a bit of nerve to try them the first time, because they look so much like the berries of the weedier nightshades. I wonder if it might be a bad idea to grow these where children might mistake the two.

  2. Just read your post-quite interesting, and thanks for leading me to Meadowwood Garden-a new favorite blog. As I note there I went berry picking for the first time in my life last month-in Sonoma. Ripe berries straight of the bush are so delightful. Of course, a ripe mango or lychee plucked off the tree is even better…

    I’m glad you got to enjoy the experience of picking berries, Nicole; it is a quintessential summer treat for those of us in the temperate zones.

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