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Sunday Sunrise

Sunday Sunrise Feb 17 08

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra

Not much of a show, is it? The sky was absolutely stunning about 40 minutes before actual sunrise, but by the time I got back from my walk with Mom, it was too late to salvage any color. Yesterday’s sunrise was pretty amazing, though, so I’m glad I caught that one.

Saturday Sunrise Feb 16 08

Saturday Sunrise closeup Feb 16 08

Just after three this morning, the motion sensor on my driveway started buzzing frantically, so I peeked outside and saw a group of shadowy figures making their way down the driveway toward my open front gate. I flicked on the porch light, threw open the front door, and stomped out on the porch. Eight deer froze, then scattered. I started with one about two months ago, then three a few weeks ago, and now eight. There’s currently a half-ton of hay sitting atop the actual gates right now, but I’m thinking I’d better shift it quick and re-hang them. I realize the deer could easily jump them if they chose to, however, and if they do, I’ll have to strategize further.

Daniel sunbathing Feb 14 08

After spending the rest of the night (such as it was) awake, I think I’m ready for a nap. I can only wish that we had some sunshine, because sleeping in the sun sounds pretty nice right now. At the moment, both boys are kushed by their hay piles, looking quite snug despite the cold, damp air. 

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Sunrise

  1. Lovely sunrise photos :)

    There are parts of Austin, too, where deer are real garden pests. Thankfully we’re close enough in to the city that they don’t visit our neighborhood. (We can just admire them in other neighborhood yards whenever we’re passing through.)

    I too like to see them in the woods and fields, but not in the garden, though. Even though you live close to the city, I’ll bet you have troublesome critters of your own to cope with.

  2. Very nice Sunrise photos again! Those deer get into everything don’t they? We have three in the wood behind us. They enjoyed my tomatoes and other garden vegetables I tried last year. I’ll have to do a different approach with them.

    Good luck with that, Dave. I should be grateful that they’ve left me alone for the last seven years. From now on, I’ll be struggling along with the rest of you. I’ll keep checking your blog to see how your new strategies work out!

  3. Lovely shots of the sky, Nan. I have found the photos taken here never come close to the real beauty and color intensity of the real thing. And your ‘boy’ snuggled so comfy is adorable. There is an alpaca farm near us, her studio of spinning and weaving is open to the public during our arts festival. Those are the most charming animals, looking you right in the eye, being that height. Give yours a hug from us.
    Frances at Faire Garden

    How about I blow them a kiss instead, Frances? They’re not much into the hugging thing, even though they look so cuddly. I wonder how your local farm manages to get theirs through the summer heat. Even though my boys have fans and Gatorade and tummy-sprays from the hose, our PA summers can be hard on them.

  4. Don’t the boys help keep deer away? I have a friend with sheep and she keeps llamas with them to deter both deer and coyotes. I merely have an idiot-donkey, who thinks that deer ARE coyotes, and she keeps them and the coyotes out of the property.
    I just got around to reading the paper, and the article I wrote about winter sowing is online for a week at Tee hee. I got both your latest books mentioned in the story too. Pretty sneaky of me. Thanks again for your help with that, Nan–I’ll be returning the favour even more soon!

    Keep the deer *away*? You must be kidding. The boys think the deer are absolutely fascinating. I’m more worried about keeping the deer away for their sake than mine, because the deer carry a parasite that causes spinal-cord and brain damage in alpacas. I have to give the boys shots once a month to hopefully prevent that from happening, but it’s still a worry.

    And thanks ever so much for the nice mention in your article! Even if just a few people try the technique, I think we’ll be adding a few new obsessed seed-starters to the ranks.

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