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Six More Weeks?

Frost on the meadow

Text and photos ©Nancy J. Ondra

So, the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow yesterday. How could he not, with all those lights set up around him? I’ll admit, it did look wintery here this morning, after a nice bit of freezing fog. It does wonders for adding a bit of sparkle to the unmown bits of the meadow, and it makes me glad I haven’t been too quick to tidy the garden for spring.

Frost on the alpaca

Looks like we’re in for a very spring-like day, though, so as soon as the frost melts off of Duncan and Daniel, the three of us are heading out for a ramble around the neighborhood before it get too warm. (Imagine trudging around wearing a 3-inch-thick alpaca coat in 50-degree weather. Whew!) Hope you too have something fun planned for today.

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1 thought on “Six More Weeks?

  1. It was warm enough to do some outdoor planting, sugar snap peas and onion sets to keep the rabbits off the peas, were put in, just read that in a blog somewhere. Your buddies look so cute, let’s hear more about them, please.


    Lucky you! It’ll be another six weeks, at least, before we can be doing the same outdoor planting. The boys thank you for the kind comment. I wrote about them once before at GGW (Non-Natives in the Garden), but they’ll be appearing here more frequently, because they’re an integral part of the garden.

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