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Are Alpacas the Answer?

Duncan and Daniel

Text and photo ©Nancy J. Ondra

“What made you decide to get alpacas?”, people ask me. Well, the fleece has some value, if you can find someone who wants it, and they’re fun to watch and hang around with. Plus, the endless supply of manure is invaluable for the garden. But apparently that’ not all they’re good for! Check out this link from The Onion: “Congress to Raise Alpacas to Aid Struggling Economy.” If only I’d gotten a boy and a girl, instead of two boys. (But no, I wouldn’t give up either Daniel or Duncan to get a girl instead.)

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Are Alpacas the Answer?

  1. Big Onion fan here, though I pretty much only read the headlines these days. I think it was all those years of headline writing in the Rodale style that makes me appreciate their craft.

    So since you aren’t going to Austin, are you secretly planning to host an East Coast blogger convention?

    The link came to me from another former Rodalian, so I guess it’s pretty popular with many of the old crowd.

    And no, I’m not hosting a convention of my own. I figure *someone* has to stay home and blog while all the rest are off gallivanting. Once they get home, then they can post about their adventures and I’ll get to enjoy the event vicariously.

  2. My pleasure, Nan! Glad I finally stumbled on your new blog! And Hayefield is a lovely name, though of course I’m still pleased with my own Hawk’s Haven.

    Well, your garden had a name long before mine did, so Hawk’s Haven has the added authority of being longer established. I’m glad you found my new space, Elly!

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